Stone Gabion Baskets & Rock Matressing


Gabions and rock mattresses are rectangular cages manufactured from heavily galvanized woven mesh wire with a PVC coating on the core wire which are filled with stone.  

Gabions and rock matressing are used for drainage and erosion control. Their main purpose is to control the flow of water or erosion of soil. 

They can be used as a dry-land structure in the form of a retaining wall or as a wet-land structure as scour protection along riverbanks and culvert protection. 

The wire cages are flexible and vary in sizes and are filled on-site.

Stone Pitching & Stone Pitched Retaining Walls


Stone pitched retaining walls are constructed by the installation of hand-shaped and hand-placed stone laid in concrete and backfilled with drainage gravel. We use a variety of stone including granite, sandstone, porphyry and bluestone depending on your taste. If required, we can also install weep holes and agricultural pipe within the structure under the direction of an Engineer to allow water to flow through the structure.   

We can also install stairs to compliment your retaining wall or rock feature work in the same stone pitched design.   

Stone Pitching can also be used as bridge abutment, scour and culvert protection and for headwalls and water catchment areas.

Feature Stonework & Stone Cladding


Stone can make quite the feature in or around your home or estate and add value to your property. Some examples of our feature stonework can be found in our Gallery.  

Stone cladding is a cost effective way to add stone to your project. Stone cladding is the installation of a manufactured stone to a pre finished surface e.g. blockwork or concrete. The manufactured stone is glued to the surface with a supplier specific adhesive and is then grouted.